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Editing is arguably the most important investment you will make on your journey to becoming a published author.

“There were some plot holes (which I could forgive), but the number of typos and errors meant I couldn’t finish the book.”

Ouch.  That stings, right? It’s probably one of the hardest sentences for an author to read. You’ve put months and months of effort into writing your book. You’ve invested your time and energy, tapping away in front of your computer for hours at a time. Being objective while trying to edit your writing can be impossible. Plot holes can go unfilled. Small inconsistencies can slip through.

I want to remove the weight of editing from your shoulders with my experienced hands. To date, I have edited hundreds of manuscripts across a wide variety of genres. By hiring me, you’ll be getting a professional who is experienced, trustworthy, and reliable. Together, we will polish your manuscript so you can publish the best possible version of your work.

I work exclusively in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes function. Track Changes will allow you to see the changes I make to your book and accept, reject, or comment on my edits at the click of a button. Never used this feature before? No need to worry! I provide a guide to all my clients.

I offer every potential client a free sample edit so I can assess the writing and provide an accurate quote. A sample edit from me will always be free, so you have nothing to lose!

Developmental & Copy Editing

Two Full Read Throughs

  • Plot development

  • Plot flow

  • Plot flaws/holes

  • Character development

  • Consistency of character

  • Consistency of voice

  • Sentence structure

Prices start at

£11/ €12 / $13 per 1000 words

Copy Editing

One Read Through

  • Sentence Structure 

  • Reducing repetition

  • Consistent hyphenation

  • Reducing crutch/filler words

  • Minor fact-checking 

  • Consistent use of chosen English

Prices start at

£10/ €11 / $12 per 1000 words


One Read Through

  • Typos

  • Missing words

  • Repeated words

  • Missing dialogue marks

  • Formatting checks

  • Consistent use of chosen English

Prices start at

£9/ €10 / $11 per 1000 words

It was a delight working with Amanda to edit and refine my manuscript and shape it into a professional novel. Amanda is thorough and meticulous but also has a soft touch, she maintains the author's voice and intent, but expertly sharpens the writing, corrects the mistakes and guides any rewriting. She helped me to create a final product that I'm very proud of. She's wonderful to work with and very helpful with any issues as they arise.

H.R.Kemp, author

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