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What To Do When You've Finished Writing Your Book?

You've done it! You've typed that last sentence, hit "save," and voila, your book is officially written. It's a moment to savor, but before you jump straight into finding an editor, there are a few pit stops to make sure your manuscript is in good shape. You're probably wondering what to do when you've finished writing your book. Here's a quick breakdown of the steps you should take.

Take a Breather and Revisit:

You've been in the writing trenches, so give yourself a break. Step back, binge-watch that show you've been ignoring, or dive into a different book. Give your creative brain a chance to recharge before you get down to the nitty-gritty. The best thing you can do right now for yourself and your book is create space between you both.

Celebrate and Reflect:

Did you know that 97% of people who start writing a book never finish it? Pat yourself on the back, and then take a moment to think about your journey. The hurdles you cleared, the characters you birthed, and the moments that had you grinning or pulling out your hair. It's all part of the journey.

First Self-Edit:

Once you've taken a break and reflected on your success, you can start the self-editing process. You want your book to be as clean as possible before you hand it over to your beta readers and then your editor. Open your book and start examining it from a reader's point of view. Look for inconsistencies in your plot and characters, make sure your timeline makes sense, make sure your characters are developed and have agency, and make sure you're showing rather than telling where appropriate.

Beta Reading:

Friends, fellow writers, or your writing group can be the secret sauce here. Let them read your book and be open to feedback. Their fresh eyes will spot things you didn't know existed. Make sure you choose beta readers who are familiar with your genre.

Objective Assessment:

Sort through the feedback with an open mind. You may be to turn a blind eye to a one-off comment but if the same issue props up over and over with different beta readers, then keep notes for your revision.

Revision and Polishing:

Take the feedback you've gotten from your beta readers and polish your novel. Use this time to catch any glaring errors. you'll be proofreading again later but you don't want your editor to have to sift through paragraphs of errors. They can be distracting.

Define Your Goals and Expectations:

Decide what you're looking for in an editor. Do you want someone to dive deep into the plot or work on your sentence structure? Knowing what you need will help you find the perfect match

Research and Choose an Editor:

When you've decided on the type of edit you need, it's time to find an editor. Read this blog post on how to find the right book editor for you.

As you prepare your manuscript for your editor, remember that this is all part of the writing journey. You're getting your story ready for the world to see, and every tweak, revision, and proofread is a step towards making it the best it can be. And when you're ready to team up with an editor who's just as excited about your story as you are, Let's Get Booked is here to guide you toward the finish line.

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